Randie Bundy

Randie is the Principle Investigator (PI) in the lab. She has an undergraduate background in Earth Science and Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego. She loved San Diego so much that she decided to stay for her PhD, which she obtained in Oceanography from Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, CA. She then completed a postdoctoral research position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Woods Hole, MA before moving to the University of Washington. 

Fun facts: Randie is from El Segundo, CA, a small suburb of Los Angeles. She loves surfing, hiking, camping, running, swimming, reading, drinking coffee, and listening to music. She also has a new hobby of sampling different donuts around Seattle!

Jiwoon Park

Jiwoon is a third year chemical oceanography graduate student. She studied earth science and chemistry in Columbia University before coming to University of Washington. She is interested in how iron-binding organic ligands in the ocean control iron bioavailability for marine phytoplankton, and is currently working on identifying and evaluating the distributions of organic ligands. She enjoys taking a walk, visiting farmers' markets and playing the keyboard in her free time.

Laura Moore
Colleen Hoffman

Colleen is a JISAO Postdoctoral Fellow working in the Bundy lab. Her undergraduate degree was in Chemistry from the University of Southern California, where she worked for two years a technician before going to going to graduate school in MN. It was there she became increasingly interested in iron, carbon, and their role in biological uptake and nutrient cycling in the ocean. After college, she decided to turn her love of chemistry, iron, and the ocean into a career. She recently received her PhD in Earth Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities where she focused on the investigating the speciation, relationship, and potential geochemical implications of particulate iron and particulate organic carbon within a ~4300km non-buoyant hydrothermal plume in the Southern East Pacific Rise. In her postdoc, she hopes to continue to explore the biogeochemical relationships of iron and carbon in different ocean environments. In her free time, Colleen loves to SCUBA dive, hike, take nature photos, and kayak. She also loves to find any excuse to get down to the beach and listen to the ocean waves crash along the shore; a passion she developed having grown up in Redondo Beach, CA. 

Noah Gluschankoff

Noah is a technician working in the Bundy Lab. He recently completed his undergraduate degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he participated in a wide range of research projects from marine bio-optics and hydrothermal vent chemistry to coastal carbon cycling and sustainable aquaculture practices. When not at work, you can find him at the climbing gym or exploring Seattle’s breweries and coffee shops. Noah is looking to pursue a graduate degree in chemical oceanography studying the interaction of biogeochemical cycles and climate. His unique upbringing in an agricultural family and countless hours spent playing along the California coastline has allowed him to appreciate the natural world in ways he hopes can instill in future ambassadors to the environment.

Katherine Heal

Katherine is a Simons Foundation postdoc working in the Bundy and Ingalls labs.  She went to Colorado College for her undergrad and the University of Washington for her Masters and PhD (graduated 2018).  All day long Katherine thinks about microbes, what they do, what they eat, and what they want.  Katherine uses advanced mass spectrometry skills to measure small molecules (including metal-bound compounds) in order to "see" the biochemical workings of marine microbes. In her spare time, Katherine is usually found on her bicycle.

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